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Financial Documents

Transparency and accountability are crucial to the RTA. This page includes links to historic and current financial documents including annual budgets, quarterly financial reports, pension plan documents, and more.

For older documents that are not displayed on this page, visit the RTAMS Digital Document Library.

Operating Budget, 2-Year Financial Plan, 5-Year Capital Program
Quarterly Financial Reports
Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports
Special Purpose Combining Financial Statements
Ten Year Financial Plan

The Ten Year Financial Plan projects the operating results of the RTA system over the next decade, using specific assumptions for ridership, operating revenue, public funding, and expense growth. A summary of ten-year capital funding based on the most recent Capital Asset Condition Assessment is also included. The next Ten Year Financial Plan is being developed as part of the next Regional Transit Strategic Plan to be adopted in early 2023.

Pension Plan - Actuarial Reports
Pension Plan - Financial Reports
Debt Management

See the most recent Rating Agency reports about RTA debt and the Official Statements of RTA bond and note issuances since 2000.

RTA General Bond Ordinance

RTA Engagement of Independent Registered Municipal Advisors

Rating Agency Reports

RTA Official Statements

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