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09 00 22 Clearbrook Moving You Blog 1110x545 Clearbrook transportation services connect individuals with disabilities to their communities

This is part of our Moving You series, which examines federally funded programs managed by the RTA that expand transportation options and access for all. In...

September 2, 2022
Robbins Park 1110x545 2 Robbins Park groundbreaking signals start of flood mitigation, development opportunities for the community

The Village of Robbins, with support from partners around the region, is beginning a project that will revitalize the economy, mitigate major flooding issues...

August 12, 2022
Implementation Blog Banner 1110x545 1 Explore 2021 RTA Local Planning projects and successes in interactive implementation report

Every year, the RTA’s Local Planning department assists local governments throughout northeastern Illinois on projects that build on the strength of the regi...

July 14, 2022
Zoning Blog Pace Central Harlem Ave Corridor Plan 1 RTA begins work on new zoning projects to encourage transit-friendly policies

Updates to a community’s zoning code can encourage new transit-oriented development. So far in 2022, the RTA has begun work on several new zoning projects in...

July 14, 2022
Transportation Tuesday Blog Banner Post June 21 Transportation Tuesday Recap: The Future of the Curb – How Curb Management Strategies are Changing and Who's Leading the Charge

Curb planning in cities is a historical challenge, further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic as transportation and economic habits have evolved. Curbside ...

June 24, 2022
Auburn Gresham Study 1110x545 Banner RTA embarks on 79th Street Corridor Plan for Auburn Gresham, emphasizing community engagement

The RTA, in partnership with the City of Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development, is working with the Auburn Gresham community on a 79th Street Corr...

June 13, 2022
Transportation Tuesday Blog Banner Post June 07 Transportation Tuesday webinar explores centering the transit-dependent in TOD

Transit-oriented development (TOD) has successfully brought a mixture of residential, commercial, office, and public uses to transit station areas. How has t...

June 10, 2022
Itasca Downtown Plan Blog Header Itasca Downtown Strategic Action Plan envisions new life breathed into Metra station area

In 2019, the Village of Itasca partnered with the RTA to begin developing an updated downtown strategic action plan. With changes in the market including a y...

May 24, 2022
Harvey Transit Oriented Development Plan moves Harvey toward a more vibrant, connected future

The recently adopted Harvey Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Plan envisions investment in the city’s transit infrastructure, improved connections for rider...

May 13, 2022
Transportation Tuesday Blog Banner Announcement Register now for four-part Transportation Tuesday webinar series

The RTA is bringing back Transportation Tuesday, its popular four-part webinar series that in 2020 replaced the Annual Planning Workshop due to COVID-19. The...

May 5, 2022
Du Page Access Blog 1000x545 Pace, Uber pilot provides new, mobility option for riders with disabilities in DuPage County

The RTA is committed to supporting innovative solutions to mobility challenges for riders across northeastern Illinois. The agency has funded several pilot p...

March 29, 2022
D4784b97 1ba7 478a 9f4b 9fed4d486275 RTA begins new engagement tactic in Garfield Green Line South Action Plan: paying residents for their time

Washington Park, home of the Garfield Green Line station, has had no shortage of plans written for it in the past decade. But high rates of vacant land persi...

March 24, 2022
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