Riding Metra Trains

Metra Sign

In Chicago neighborhoods and the suburbs, signs similar to the one shown here point the way to nearby Metra stations.

When the train arrives, simply get on board, find a seat and place your ticket in the metal clip in front of you. (If you are riding on the upper level, the clip is on the side of the privacy panel.) Let the conductor know it's your first time traveling aboard Metra, and they'll be happy to help you if you have any questions or concerns about your trip.

If you use the Ventra App to purchase a ticket, activate your ticket when you board your train. Show it to the conductor when they come around. The conductor may ask you to “touch” or “tap” the ticket on your screen—tapping the ticket will change its color on every tap and prove it’s a real, live Metra ticket in the Ventra app.

Announcements are made before each stop. When you hear the message announcing the approach of your stop, pick up your ticket and any items you brought with you and head to the door to exit at your final destination. Customers who are hearing impaired may want to notify a conductor of their stop during ticket collection. For more information about Metra services visit their website at metra.com.

Metra Train Schedules