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New fare products for CTA, Metra, and Pace make transferring between agencies easy and affordable

March 3, 2023

221107 RTA 1554

The CTA, Metra, and Pace are committed to working together to create a seamless, affordable rider experience. Beginning February 20, all newly purchased 1-Day and 3-Day unlimited-ride passes are accepted on Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and Pace Suburban Bus, with free transfers between the systems.

These enhancements build on the 7-Day and 30-Day pass price reductions and free transfers between CTA services that launched in fall 2021. Additionally, the $5 surcharge on the former CTA-Pace 7-Day pass has been removed – meaning riders will get more mileage for their buck when using the new 7-Day pass ($20) across the two systems. All passes are available for purchase through the Ventra fare collection system.

These new pass integrations are intended to make regional transit trips easier by offering seamless interconnectivity between the CTA and Pace, and in some cases, even making travel more affordable than before. The changes in fare payments are the result of two recently approved intergovernmental agreements between CTA and Pace. These agreements expand the relationship between the two agencies to accept additional passes on each other’s systems as well as streamline the revenue share for the passes based on shared pass ridership on each system.

In early 2022, all three regional transit systems – CTA, Metra and Pace – introduced the new Regional Connect Pass, which when coupled with Metra’s new “Super Saver” $100 monthly pass, provides Chicago area residents unlimited rides on all three systems – at a reduced cost of $30 a month and with greater flexibility. The Regional Connect pass replaced the Link-Up Pass and the PlusBus Pass. For Metra riders who hold the Super Saver monthly pass, unlimited rides on the region’s entire system across all three agencies costs only $130 total per month.

Last year, the CTA lowered the cost of all its unlimited-ride passes and made transfers between CTA services free. Pace joined CTA to lower fares on shared, unlimited-ride passes. In addition, Pace has implemented a reduced fare structure for part-time users of their Vanpool Program and will eliminate or reduce transfer costs between Pace services on February 20.

Transit is the answer to our region’s greatest challenges, and the RTA, CTA, Metra, and Pace are committed to change. The agencies are putting riders first and working together to create a convenient, affordable, seamless rider experience. Learn more about future improvements to the system in the RTA’s five-year regional transit strategic plan, Transit is the Answer.

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