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Statement by Executive Director on Pending Commuter Benefits Equity Act

December 13, 2011

The Transit Benefit Program is about getting people to jobs and encouraging them to use public transit, by making sure that their hard earned dollars stretch further while being invested back into our local economy.  Since 2009, IRS regulation has allowed employers to offer a maximum $230 in a monthly tax-free transit benefit -- the same amount that is available for parking.  If Congress does not act, the transit benefit will drop to $125 a month at year’s end while the parking benefit will remain at $240 per month, a clear inequity that is not good for our cities.  I encourage all transit riders to reach out to Congress now! Visit www.commuterbenefitsworkforus.comto tell Congress it is not fair to provide drivers with a monthly tax free parking benefit that is greater than the benefit that public transit riders would receive.

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Melissa Meyer

Communications Manager
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