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RTA Secures Funding for Village of Melrose Park Transit Plan

March 7, 2014

The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Board of Directors has approved funding to begin the Melrose Park Broadway Avenue Corridor Plan aimed at making it easier for the Melrose Park residents to access to public transportation.

The study will provide recommendations to improve the Village’s primary transit corridor with the goal of creating a transit-friendly environment that includes improved transit infrastructure (shelters and sidewalks) as well as safety and beautification elements that will be incorporated into the Village’s Comprehensive Plan update. The corridor runs south on Broadway Avenue from North Avenue to St. Charles Road.

“We are proud to partner with the Village of Melrose Park in this study and help to provide improvements and add value to the area for residents and commuters while encouraging local development,” says Leanne Redden, Acting RTA Executive Director. “This project is just one of 10 Community Planning projects we are working with this year that will make it easier and more convenient for residents to use public transit and reduce their dependence on driving.”

Melrose Park’s $80,000 grant is one of three recently approved studies spearheaded by the RTA. The other municipalities receiving grants are the City of Geneva and the Village of Rosemont. All three projects are made possible by the RTA Community Planning program that secures funding and provides planning assistance to benefit communities in the region’s transportation system.

Federal dollars will account for the majority of Melrose Park’s grant. The Village will add $20,000 to the $80,000 secured by the RTA. The RTA will be a partner with the Village throughout the study by managing the grant, providing expertise as the project is developed and by assisting with the implementation of the recommendations.

"The Broadway Avenue Corridor in Melrose Park holds a great deal of potential for enhanced and vibrant economic activity,” said Melrose Park Mayor Ron Serpico. “The partnership between the RTA and our village will gather input from our residents and local businesses and use it to create new and exciting ways to revitalize and grow our shopping and dining, transportation and residential quality of life. We’re excited about getting started and we’re looking forward to making Melrose Park a better place to live, work and shop."

To date, the RTA has leveraged federal, state, local and its own dollars to fund 223 public transit-related projects totaling more than $134 million throughout the region.

Read more information on the RTA Community Planning program.

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