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RTA Highlights Need for Funding During National Infrastructure Week

May 7, 2019

Riders can join the conversation at


CHICAGO - The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) joins CTA, Metra and Pace in participating in National Infrastructure Week, May 13-20, 2019. This year, National Infrastructure Week coincides with the statewide “Get on Board” campaign during which the RTA region’s transit agencies are encouraging riders to visit to make their voices heard in support of capital funding for the transit system.  


“National Infrastructure Week unites communities across the country around one message: America’s future will be shaped by the infrastructure choices we make today. In Illinois, a brighter future will be possible by increasing funding for our transit system. Better transit infrastructure can shorten commute times, eliminate slow zones and allow the investment needed to modernize stations and equipment,” says RTA Executive Director Leanne Redden.  “Whenever transit leaders speak to groups about our transit funding needs and transit’s importance to the regional economy, we are asked what riders can do. Now, we tell them to visit and make their voices heard.”   


In northeast Illinois, the regional transit system has $30 billion of unmet high-priority projects. More than a decade has passed since the State of Illinois last funded a capital bill. The RTA’s Regional Transit Strategic Plan, Invest in Transit, makes the case for the region’s funding needs calling for annual investment of $2 to $3 billion over the next decade. More recently, the RTA created the 2019 Strategic Plan Progress Report, which outlines strides made toward achieving the vision and goals of Invest in Transit.


RTA Chairman Kirk Dillard, RTA Executive Director Leanne Redden and other regional transit leaders are available for media opportunities to discuss Infrastructure Week and the need for adequate, consistent, long-term funding of the region’s public transit system.

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