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RTA Encourages Riders to Say “Thank You” to Public Transit Employees

March 14, 2016

Join the RTA for Transit Employee Appreciation Day on March 18  

 CHICAGO –The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) is asking riders to recognize the contributions of the hard-working public transit employees at the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Metra and Pace during Transit Employee Appreciation Day on March 18.

With the simple act of a heart-felt thank you or even a thank you note, riders can show their driver, ticket agent or the conductor who checks their mobile Ventra app that they are much appreciated for their dedicated service. Download your thank you notes for Transit Employee Appreciation Day.

"We all know the familiar faces we see each day of the men who work tirelessly to ensure our safe and smooth commute,” said Leanne Redden, RTA Executive Director. “Too often we are so involved in our busy lives that we forget to simply thank them for their services. So on Transit Employee Appreciation Day, let’s take the time to show them how much we appreciate them.”

Riders can help spread the word about this special day by posting on their social media pages using the hashtag #LoveTransit.  Official commendations are also welcomed and can be submitted to the CTA, Metra and Pace. Don’t forget to check out the RTA’s Ride On. blog for more updates on Transit Employee Appreciation Day and other transit related stories in the region.


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