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RTA Chairman Gates to State to Transit Task Force: Give RTA the Tools to Make Reforms or Eliminate Service Boards

September 25, 2013

Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Board Chairman John S. Gates, Jr. will speak to the Northeastern Illinois Public Transit Task Force later today and will suggest two different solutions aimed at improving public transit in the Chicagoland area:  Give the RTA the necessary oversight and financial authority or create a completely unified transit agency.

Chairman Gates’ remarks will answer the Task Force’s question:  What does the RTA believe defines a world class transit system in northeastern Illinois, as well as what actions we believe are necessary to achieve it?

Chairman Gates’ response will outline the only two actions in order of preference that could successfully provide the oversight, planning and management needed to restore public trust:

  • Give the RTA the authority and tools it needs to meet its mandate to provide financial oversight and ensure integrated transit service throughout the region.
  • Create a unified transit agency that will coordinate and administer a regional bus, heavy rail and light rail service throughout the region.  This would bring cost savings and increase the quality of service to riders.

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