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RTA Board Approves Projects to Benefit Seniors and People with Disabilities

August 24, 2017

The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Board has approved funding for twelve projects through the federally-funded Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities program. The RTA will administer a total of $14,936,856 million, including $8,756,052 in federal funds and $6,180,804 in local matches provided by project sponsors to improve and increase access to transit for older adults and people with disabilities.

“The RTA is proud to administer dollars that help local governments and non-profit agencies provide these specialized transit services for seniors and people with disabilities," said Leanne Redden, Executive Director of the RTA.

The Section 5310 program supports transportation services planned, designed, and carried out to meet the special transportation needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities. The RTA and Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) are co-designated recipients of Section 5310 funding for Northeastern Illinois.

“Funding is an essential component to provide the high level of service we offer for our clients,” said President & CEO Kim Zoeller at the Ray Graham Association (RGA), a non-profit organization in DuPage County that empowers people with disabilities through a wide range of services and programs. “We have a 71 vehicle fleet that travels on average 626,000 miles per year. These federal funds the RTA allocates help us with operating costs, like maintenance of these vehicles.”

The RTA held an open call for projects this spring and also conducted a 30-day public comment period in July on these projects prior to the RTA Board’s approval. For more information, visit the RTA's Section 5310 webpage.

The following twelve projects are recommended for inclusion in the fiscal year 2016 & 2017 Program of Projects:


Project Title

Description and Justification

Total Estimated Budget

Federal Share


Ride in Kane Phase 15 & 16

The Ride in Kane project coordinates paratransit services in Kane County into a centralized system that optimizes transportation resources for older adults and persons with disabilities.  The sponsors of this project include multiple private non-profit organizations and local units of government.  Currently there are 20 private, non-profit organizations and local units of government participating in the program.  This is an existing Section 5310 funded project.



City of Naperville

Ride DuPage to Work

This project continues to operate as part of the Ride DuPage program.  Older adults are afforded increased employment opportunities by providing them with transportation to jobs outside of their own town and at times that may extend beyond traditional work hours.  Seven local governments sponsor the service.  This is an existing Section 5310 funded project. 



DuPage County

Transportation to Work

The Transportation to Work Program is a demand responsive service under the existing Ride DuPage system designed to provide persons with disabilities with greater opportunities to obtain and maintain employment through affordable transportation.  This is an existing Section 5310 funded project. 



Lake County Central

Ride Lake County Central Dial-a-Ride

The service provides expanded dial-a-ride transportation in Lake County to persons with disabilities and older adults residing in central Lake County.  Five municipalities and Lake County sponsor the project.  This is an existing Section 5310 funded project.



Lake County West

Ride Lake County West

The service provides expanded dial-a-ride service in six townships primarily for persons with disabilities and older adults in the western portion of Lake County.  The townships, in cooperation with the Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee, and Lake County sponsor the project.  This is an existing 5310 funded project.



Little City Foundation

Transportation Program

This project provides transportation for seniors and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who are enrolled with Little City, to places of employment, community activities, Special Olympics regional competitions, and medical appointments.  This is an existing Section 5310 funded project.



Kendall Area Transit

Kendall Area Transit

This is a general public, demand responsive paratransit service that provides service predominately for senior citizens and persons with disabilities in the urban portions of Kendall County.   This is an existing Section 5310 funded project. 



McHenry County


McRide program provides coordinated dial-a-ride service to individuals with disabilities and individuals 60 years or older.  Funding is recommended to fund this existing Section 5310 project.   



Ray Graham Association

Ensuring Access to the Community

Individuals with disabilities are transported from their homes to Community Learning Centers and to a variety of other activities including grocery shopping, medical appointments, volunteer opportunities and recreational activities.



Will County


This program provides transportation and mobility management services for persons with disabilities and older adults residing in eastern Will County townships.  The program is an outgrowth of the county’s coordinated paratransit plan funded through the RTA’s former sub-regional Planning program. 




Tactile Signage at CTA Bus Stops

This proposed project would install 10,712 tactile signs at all bus stop poles where CTA public information signs are currently posted to provide information about the exact bus stop location to customers who are blind or have visual or cognitive disabilities. CTA has a total 10,727 bus stops of which 10,712 have public information signs posted. 




Phase VI Regional Call Center

Phase VI of Pace's Regional Call Center takes reservations for dial a ride and demand response services to seniors and individuals with disabilities. The Call Center provides comprehensive mobility management services that improve the coordination and operation of transportation services.

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