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RTA Awards Nine Community Planning Projects

March 21, 2019

RTA allocates $906,000 to leverage transit assets

CHICAGO – The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) is announcing the award of nine projects through its Community Planning program. The RTA will allocate $906,000 to these projects, made up of approximately $200,000 of federal funding; $174,000 in locally matched funds; and $532,000 of RTA funds. These dollars support innovative projects to improve economic development near transit and increase transit usage throughout the region.  To date the RTA has leveraged over $20 million through the 20 year history of this program.


“Through Community Planning, the RTA awards funding and technical assistance for projects that create transit-supportive local plans,” said Leanne Redden, Executive Director of the RTA. “These projects can transform underutilized areas around transit assets such as train stations and bus stops into bustling downtowns and neighborhoods that feel more urban, lively and pedestrian friendly.”


Communities, counties, and transportation providers were invited to apply for technical assistance through the RTA’s Community Planning program. Applications were evaluated based on each project’s alignment with the recommendations of the Regional Transit Strategic Plan, feasibility of the proposed project, and the applicant’s ability to implement the plan or project. Of the fourteen applications received, nine are included in the final program.  For more information visit the RTA’s Community Planning website.


The Community Planning program provides funding and planning assistance to projects that benefit the community and the regional transit system. The program includes a mix of transit-oriented development (TOD) planning, corridor planning, and TOD implementation projects.

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