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CDOT Installs High-Capacity Bike Racks And Sheltered Bike Parking At Transit Stations Throughout Chicago

May 2, 2012

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) is installing sheltered high-capacity bike rack systems in four CTA transit stations, as well as sheltered U-rack facilities at two Metra stations, throughout Chicago to help commuters integrate bicycling and public transit.

“The goal of our project is to improve the ability of commuters to integrate bicycling and transit for trip-making, by providing sheltered bike parking at CTA or Metra stations in Chicago,” said CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein. “These stations serve different regions in the city, and the integration of more bicycling into everyday trips will further enhance these transportation corridors.”

To achieve this goal, CDOT identified and studied 30 Metra and CTA stations at which sheltered, high-capacity bike parking would be used most effectively. From these 30 stations, six were ultimately recommended based upon the following evaluation criteria:

  • Public Transit Ridership and geography
  • Whether sheltered space is already available
  • Quantity of spaces available for sheltered, high-capacity bike parking
  • Existing bike parking demand
  • Quality of bicycling facilities leading to station

The new bike rack installations at the following stations have a combined capacity of 220 bicycles:

  • Western (CTA Orange Line) – 18 new spaces
  • 57th (Metra Electric) - 46 new spaces
  • 95th (CTA Red Line) – 32 new spaces
  • Loyola (CTA Red Line) – 48 new spaces
  • Clybourn Station (Metra Union Pacific North and Northwest Lines) – 20 new spaces
  • Howard (CTA Red Line) – 56 new spaces

The project is funded through a $375,000 Innovation, Coordination and Enhancement (ICE) grant from the RTA.

“A key barrier to encouraging more bike-to-transit trips is the lack of sheltered bicycle parking,” said RTA Executive Director Joe Costello. “Weather-protected bicycle parking is particularly important at transit stations since bicycles are often parked for longer periods between the morning and evening commutes.”

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