“Fixed route” vs. ADA Paratransit

Fixed route service is the regularly scheduled buses and trains operated by CTA and Pace in the northeast Illinois region. ADA Paratransit service is shared-ride, origin-to-destination transportation provided as a complement to CTA and Pace fixed route service for individuals whose disabilities prevent fixed route use. Pace operates ADA Paratransit service for the entire RTA region.

There are many advantages to traveling by fixed route service. Seniors or people with disabilities who use fixed route service can qualify for RTA Reduced Fare, People with Disabilities Ride Free and Benefit Access Program (BAP) programs. ADA Paratransit fares are at least the cost of a full fare on a fixed route bus or train. Unlike ADA Paratransit service, travel on fixed route service does not have to be scheduled in advance. ADA Paratransit users must make a reservation the day before a trip. Fixed route customers can travel whenever they wish during transit service hours of operation with no advance notice.

ADA Paratransit services operate the same days and hours as the fixed route services available in the area. It is important to note that ADA Paratransit services are comparable to fixed route and only operate within three-quarters of a mile of CTA or Pace fixed route bus routes or CTA “L” train stations. If an area does not have fixed route service, there will be no ADA Paratransit service in that area.

For more information on how to use ADA accessible fixed route buses and trains on CTA, Metra and Pace, watch the below video: