CTA "L" Trains

The majority of CTA “L” stations are accessible, and more stations are becoming accessible each year. All CTA “L” trains have at least two accessible cars per train. Accessible CTA “L” stations have elevators, audio and visual announcements, tactile strips on the platform edge, Braille and large print signs, and gap fillers to bridge the gap between the platform and the train.

Before traveling on the CTA “L,” people with disabilities who require station accessibility should first determine which stations are accessible. Customers who require an elevator can call the CTA Elevator Status Line at 1-888-YOUR-CTA (1-888-968-7282) to make sure the elevators are working at the accessible stations that are needed during travel. When calling the CTA Elevator Status Line, wait for the prompts, then press7.

Upon arriving at an accessible station, the customer can ask a Customer Assistant for help if needed. Customer Assistant call buttons are installed at the entrance of each accessible “L” station. If a Customer Assistant is not available, proceed to the platform, wait close to where the first car of the train will be on the platform when it arrives at the station, and wave at the Train Conductor to get his or her attention. The Train Conductor will exit the train to help with boarding. The Customer Assistant or the Train Conductor will deploy a device called a gap filler for customers who use wheelchairs, scooters or wheeled walkers or for any other customer who requests this type of assistance. Gap fillers are portable ramps that act as a bridge between the platform and the train car so that customers can board the train safely. Customer Assistants are also available to guide customers with visual disabilities throughout the train stations.