Regional and Sub-Regional Reports

2016 Regional Report Card and Sub-Regional Report Results

Every year, the RTA prepares four performance-measure reports. The Regional Report Card and Sub-Regional Report focus on the performance of CTA, Metra, and Pace over a five-year time period. The current reports are for the year 2016 and are based on data submitted to the Federal Transit Administration’s National Transit Database (NTD), which was published in October 2017.

The Regional Report Card aggregates the data from the Service Boards for the purpose of providing a description of overall transit throughout the RTA system. The Sub-Regional Report examines each transit mode separately.

Key takeaways from the reports

  • Ridership was down for the fourth consecutive year: each Service Board and mode reported decreases that totalled a system-wide 3.3% drop, the largest single-year decline in the past decade and the lowest recorded annual ridership since 2006.
  • Significant progress toward fleet modernization was achieved in 2016: the percent of vehicles in service beyond useful life dropped to 24.7%, the lowest percentage since performance reporting began with 2005 data.
  • Capital investment continues to be significantly and negatively impacted by the lack of state funding and growing capital needs of the region: 2016 capital expenditures of $712 million was less than one-third what is needed annually to bring the system to a state of good repair within the next twenty years.
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