Regional and Sub-Regional Reports

2019 Regional Report Card and Sub-Regional Report Results

Every year, the RTA prepares four performance measure reports.  Two of them, the Regional Report Card and Sub-Regional Report, focus on the performance of CTA, Metra, and Pace over a five-year time period.  The current reports, both published in March 2021, are for the year 2019 and are based on data submitted to the Federal Transit Administration’s National Transit Database (NTD), which was published in November 2020.  The Regional Report Card aggregates the data from the Service Boards for the purpose of providing a description of overall transit throughout the RTA system.  The Sub-Regional Report examines each transit mode separately.     

Key takeaways from the reports:

  • System ridership was down for the seventh consecutive year; ridership of 549.7 million passenger trips was over 109 million passenger trips lower compared to the ridership highs seen in 2012.

  • Capital investment saw a significant, positive shift as the State of Illinois approved a new capital construction bill, its first in a decade. The “Rebuild Illinois” program includes a one-time infusion of $2.7 billion of bond series proceeds from 2020-2025 to fund capital projects at all three Service Boards. Additionally, a new funding stream enabled by an increase in the state’s gas tax and vehicle registration fees offers the region’s service operators stable capital dollars that are now indexed to inflation and will continue indefinitely, the first time the State has provided a recurring revenue stream of annual capital funding.

  • The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are not apparent in the data contained within this report, but will greatly affect every aspect of transit performance in subsequent report years.
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