Guides & Resources

Transit-Oriented Development

The RTA has developed and implemented several initiatives, technical studies, guides and policies to foster sustainable, livable and transit-oriented communities that enhance multi-modal transportation throughout the region.  Through these coordinated efforts, the RTA is committed to advancing transit-oriented development in our region.  Descriptions of and links to a variety of resources are available on this page.

Green Transit Plan

The RTA and its partners - CTA, Metra, Pace, IDOT, CMAP and CDOT – developed the Chicago Regional Green Transit Plan, which calculates the environmental benefits of transit in the region and provides a roadmap to a making the transit system and region greener. As the sustainability and climate action plan for the region’s public transportation system, the Chicago Regional Green Transit Plan recommends a series of strategies to grow transit ridership and market share, promote transit-oriented communities, improve operational efficiency and green the transit system.

Mappings & Statistics (RTAMS)

The Regional Transportation Authority Mapping & Statistics (RTAMS) website is a tool developed by the Regional Transportation Authority for retrieving planning and financial information on the public transportation system in the RTA service area.  Data available on RTAMS include ridership statistics, bus routes, rail stations and lines, planning studies and interactive mapping, among others. 

Market Development

The RTA conducts ongoing research and data analysis on existing and potential transit markets throughout the service area.  These analyses and reports are available here.