The RTA has invested in transit-oriented development studies and corridor studies through the Community Planning program since 1998. To achieve a return on this investment through successful implementation of transit-oriented developments (TOD), improved service and increased access to transit, the RTA provides a seamless transition from planning to implementation through technical assistance and support upon the completion of the planning study. The 2021 Implementation Report summarizes the RTA's Community Planning Program implementation progress over the past year. Additionally, the RTA highlights implementation successes of its Community Planning projects through case studies which are available in the links below. For select projects, online Story Maps are also available. This unique format combines interactive maps with text and images for a more dynamic experience.

To monitor the implementation progress of all previously-funded Community Planning studies, the RTA keeps a database inventory of all studies that includes the status of any new or proposed land development, access improvements, policy changes, service improvements/upgrades, and any additional funding secured or pursued.  In addition, the RTA provides quarterly updates to the Regional Transportation Authority Mapping and Statistics (RTAMS)  site documenting current implementation activities and progress.  The agency also houses an extensive photo inventory of each station area and corridor to document improvements made.

In addition to providing implementation technical assistance through the Community Planning program, the RTA staff provides a broad range of additional in-house implementation technical assistance and support, including:

  • Coordination with Service Boards (CTA, Metra & Pace), CMAP and other governmental agencies
  • Participation on an Implementation task force/steering committee
  • Researching Grant/Funding opportunities
  • Letters of support for transit-related projects and grant applications
  • Review of TOD concept plans for proposed development

More information about plan implementation can be found on the RTA’s TOD webpage.