Strategic Performance Measures

To establish a benchmark and create a means for measuring how well the region is progressing in its transit strategic goals, the Board of Directors of the RTA has adopted a set of Strategic Performance Measures. The Strategic Performance Measures are linked to the Region’s Transit Strategic Plan. These measures also align with Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) Go To 2040: Comprehensive Regional Plan.

The 2012 Strategic Performance Measures Report was the first presentation of the board-adopted strategic performance measures and reflected the goals of the former strategic plan Moving Beyond Congestion. They are by definition strategic measures, intended to be updated only every five years. This time span is seen as appropriate for tracking and identifying long-term trends of the regional transit environment.

In addition to five-year reports, annual Strategic Progress Reports track the region’s implementation of the 2013 – 2018 Regional Transit Strategic Plan. Focused on the plan’s four goals, the reports track select performance measure factors and trends. Implementation actions from the previous year and project outlooks for the coming year provide a snapshot of related activities. The report is intended to ensure progress is being made towards fulfilling the Plan’s goals.

2016 Strategic Plan Progress Report

2015 Strategic Plan Progress Report

2014 Strategic Plan Progress Report