Peer Performance Reports

The RTA conducts analysis of the performance of our region relative to peer transit regions and operators through two reports: the Regional Peer Review and Sub-Regional Peer Review. The reports, both published in June 2021, are based on data published by the Federal Transit Administration’s National Transit Database (NTD). The 2019 Regional Peer Review reports the performance of the primary transit providers for each of the top ten U.S. metropolitan statistical areas, with the Chicago region reported as an aggregation of data for CTA, Metra, and Pace. The 2019 Sub-Regional Peer Review provides performance results at the individual mode level – urban bus, heavy rail, commuter rail, suburban bus, and ADA Paratransit – comparing performance of each individual mode to five similar peers. The reports found that:

  • The Chicago area’s mass transit system performs well, ranking in the top half for 12 of 16 measures and in the top three for seven of them
  • In 2019, the Chicago region maintained second-rank position for the annual number of passenger trips taken, or ridership, for the fourth consecutive year
  • Despite significant gains in acquiring new rolling stock over the past five years, the Chicago region lags behind its peers in capital investment, spending one-third less than the peer average and roughly one-fourth what New York does on a per-capita basis.
  Regional and Sub-Regional Peer Reports by Year
2019 Regional Peer Review 2018 Regional Peer Review 2017 Regional Peer Review 2016 Regional Peer Review
2019 Sub-Regional Peer Review 2018 Sub-Regional Peer Review 2017 Sub-Regional Peer Review 2016 Sub-Regional Peer Review

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