The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) launched goroo® version 2.0 earlier this month, newly designed to enhance the user experience in online trip planning using transit information in northeastern Illinois.

The newer version incorporated the recommendations from RTA user testing, in addition to suggestions sent by loyal goroo® users.

New features include:

  • Enhanced Site Navigation - to provide clearer access points to other goroo® functionalities such as next train/bus, schedules, and travel alerts.
  • Improved Home Page - to better communicate the site’s multi-modal capabilities by providing transportation mode selections.
  • Improved Itineraries - to simplify the trip directions, increase the prominence of the itinerary map, and help users understand and distinguish between their options at-a-glance.
  • Increased Cross Linking - link users with location-based deals and savings.

“The RTA is excited to offer riders more options to make their commute more convenient and efficient,” said Leanne Redden, Senior Deputy Executive Director, Planning, adding that the enhancements align with the RTA’s overall priorities initiative of providing greater mobility, transit that is even more accessible, state-of-the-art technology and a better customer experience.

The updated multi-modal trip planner will also be mobile-device friendly with a specific goroo® application to come in the future.

Last year, goroo® provided more than 13 million schedules and itineraries to commuters traveling within the region.

For more information or to plan your next trip, visit

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