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As the Regional Transportation Authority works toward a world-class transit system, it understands the importance of knowing the needs of its riders. In 2009, the RTA conducted a market analysis of travel in the six-county region. The study entailed examining the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) Household Travel Tracker database and a 2009 RTA commissioned survey of riders and non-riders of transit that explored people’s attitudes and behaviors about travel. The RTA concluded its data collection effort at the end of August 2009.  Between the CMAP and RTA surveys, input from nearly 13,000 households across the region was captured to help paint a picture of regional travel.


The analysis shows that more than 26 million trips are made on an average weekday in our region. The region’s travel patterns are highly geographically dispersed with over 60% of travel occurring within the suburban region. While transit accounts for approximately 6% of all trips, 38% of households in the region report using transit over the course of a regular week.  Transit serves a critical role in the region’s economy as it connects people with jobs, serving 14% of work trips.  Survey findings indicate a broad base of support for transit investment.  This support was even found to be true among those who do not take transit, pointing to the growing appreciation that the general public has for the broad reaching benefits of transit.


RTA Travel Market Analysis Final Report


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