The 2015 Regional Ridership Report provides a detailed analysis of RTA system ridership compared to 2014. The report analyzes ridership by mode, line, and bus route group for CTA, Metra, Pace Suburban Service, and Pace Regional ADA Paratransit. Total system ridership decreased 0.3% in 2015, declining from 636.8 million passenger trips in 2014 to 634.9 million passenger trips in 2015. This decline in annual ridership was driven by ridership losses on Metra, CTA bus, and Pace bus.  CTA rail and Pace ADA paratransit experienced positive ridership growth.

  • CTA ridership of 516.0 million annual unlinked passenger trips in 2015 was 0.3% greater than prior year as ridership growth of 1.6% on CTA rail offset the 0.7% decline on CTA bus.
  • Metra ridership declined 2.1% in 2015 to 81.6 million annual unlinked passenger trips.
  • Pace Suburban Service recorded ridership losses in 2015, declining 4.9% to 33.1 million annual unlinked passenger trips. This was the second consecutive year of ridership decline reported  for Pace.
  • Pace ADA Paratransit recorded 2.7% ridership growth in 2015 with annual ridership increasing to 4.2 million unlinked passenger trips.

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