Total Ridership

PD ridership graphic 

Transit Trips per Resident

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2015 ridership on CTA, Metra, and Pace totaled

This is 0.2% lower than 2014 ridership, which totaled


This translates to 76 transit trips per resident.


Regional Transit Mode Share

PD transit mode share

System Effectiveness (Passenger Trips per Vehicle Hour)

PD service effectiveness

More than four-fifths of all transit trips taken so far this year were on CTA.  CTA, Metra, and Pace provided 15,540,270 vehicle service hours in 2015, averaging 40.9 passenger trips per service hour.  With the slight decline in ridership spread over more vehicle hours of service, system effectiveness is 1.1% lower compared to 2014.


Operating Cost per Passenger Trip

PD operating cost

Fare Recovery Ratio 


PD fare recovery

Operating costs vary significantly by quarter; costs are highest in the first quarter as CTA, Metra, and Pace incur significant weather-related expenses.  Additionally, ridership tends to be lowest in the first quarter, resulting in a higher cost per trip. The average regional transit trip (including rides on CTA, Metra, and Pace) costs $4.03 to provide.  passenger fares cover 38% ($1.54) of that cost.  Other revenue from sources such as advertising and parking fees constitute 5% ($0.20).  The remaining 57% ($2.29) is covered by federal, state, and local sources.