Interagency Signage

The RTA has developed a new system of signs, maps, route diagrams and schedules to help riders more easily navigate the regional transit system. All the products are designed to complement and reinforce each other, making transferring between services as seamless and intuitive as possible. The overall plan is to deploy these sign and information products at train stations where CTA, Metra and Pace services connect.

The new signage system has three types of products; way finding signs, identity signs and service information panels. In 2013 the first phase of the project was completed. New interagency signs were installed at four demonstration locations:

  • Van Buren - where Metra, and CTA rapid transit and buses connect;
  • Davis, Evanston - where Metra, CTA rapid transit, CTA bus, and Pace buses connect;
  • Joliet - where Metra and Paces buses connect, and;
  • 95th and Western, where CTA and Pace buses connect.

The overall interagency signage program is a collaborative effort of the RTA and its Service Boards, (CTA, Metra and Pace) and municipal partners. Substantial customer testing was also used to help refine the design and messages of the signage products. Below are representative samples of the new interagency signage system.

In August 2014, the RTA, CTA, Metra and Pace completed the RTA Interagency Transit Passenger Design Standards Manual. These Design Standards are essential for promoting consistency across the RTA transit services. The Design Standards can be used by Northeastern Illinois local municipalities to promote transit and transit connections in a consistence manner.

The next phase of the program is to design, engineer and install these signs at the following locations.

Chicago Union Station
La Salle Street Station Millennium Station
Ogilvie Transportation Center Museum Campus/11 St -CTA Roosevelt Aurora (BNSF)
Blue Island/Vermont Street (ME-BI,RI) Elgin (MD-W) Harvey (ME-ML)
Irving Park (UP-NW, Blue) Jefferson Park (UP-NW, Blue) Lake Cook Rd (MD-N)
Lisle (BNSF) Main St – Main (UP-N, Purple) Mayfair - Montrose (MD-N, Blue),
Oak Park - Harlem/Lake (UP-W, Green) Naperville (BNSF) Waukegan (UP-N)
Wheaton (UP-W)