ApplicantProject TitleDescription
Village of Bartlett TOD Zoning Code Overlay This project seeks to implement Bartlett’s 2016 Downtown Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Plan by updating their current zoning ordinance. The Village is interested in using form-based zoning codes to attract mixed-use developments. Through this project the Village would create a downtown overlay zoning district to guide development in the TOD area.    
Village of Winthrop Harbor  TOD Developer Discussion Panel  The Village seeks to implement the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Plan that was created in 2005 by convening a developer discussion panel. The Village is looking for guidance how to attract development/redevelopment opportunities in their TOD area. 
Village of Maywood  TOD Plan / Update  This project will update the station area plan for the area surrounding the new Maywood Metra commuter rail station. The focus of the planning effort will be along the 5th Avenue and Lake Street downtown business corridors within a quarter mile of the station and will explore ways to increase residential density and affordable housing near the station. 
Village of Robbins  TOD Plan  The RTA will work with CMAP to identify recommendations for approximately 140 acres of land that will be removed from the floodplain as part of a proposed solution to historic flooding in the Village. The Village envisions a mixed-use neighborhood on this land nearest the Metra station as well as a park and open space to the north. Proximity to the Metra station will serve as a major draw to attract new residents, creating demand for greater retail options and other developments in the area. 
City of Chicago  Corridor Study  This project will develop a plan on two corridors: the East 75th and East 79th Street corridors, between Stony Island Avenue and the lakefront in the South Shore neighborhood. The plan will focus on land use, business retention, housing and connectivity to transit for both corridors.
Village of Mundelein Transit Corridor Funding Study This study seeks to create a coordinated sub-regional investment plan framework focused on the communities served by the Metra North Central Service. Project initiatives will identify planned enhancements to the line, outline implementation strategies, identify traditional and non-traditional funding sources for infrastructure improvements, and provide parameters for legal authority to move forward. 
Village of Schiller Park  TOD Plan  This project will create a transit-oriented development plan for the Village of Schiller Park on land formerly used an intermodal railyard. The availability of this land in the center of the Village creates a major redevelopment opportunity and this project will help the Village envision its future potential. 
Village of Brookfield TOD Developer Discussion Panel  This project will assist the Village of Brookfield with a Developer Discussion Panel to gather guidance and advice from development experts. The objective is to attract development to vacant sites and encourage infill development. The Developer Discussion Panel will help the Village determine goals and needs in order to best utilize the land. 
Town of Cicero  Zoning Code Update This project will update the Town’s Zoning Code to align with their recently adopted Cicero Connections Initiative Plan, funded by the RTA, and the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. The project will explore form based code elements to create a unified and streamlined zoning code process that will attract development, and will recognize the availability of transit service to explore greater density in commercial neighborhoods, sustainable development principles, and reduced zoning code parking requirements.